Today, the Julia A. Purnell Museum offers interpretive exhibits of many aspects of the lives of Snow Hill and Worcester Countians.

A time-line parallels the history of Worcester County with the history of the United States. Kitchen and Hearth exhibits show visitors the utensils and methods used to keep a happy home during the 18th and 19th centuries.

Outten Theatre Exhibit

A "general merchandise" exhibit welcomes browsers back to a time when communities were built around the local general store. The Victorian era is also represented, complete with clothing, jewelry, and everyday items made of silver and exquisitively carved ivory. Machines and tools show the many "modern" improvements Mrs. Purnell experienced. Even the lighter side of life is remembered, with phonographs, toys, books, and bicycles. The Julia A. Purnell Museum offers something for everyone.

Due to our large collection of over 10,000 artifacts, the museum is unable to display more than 20% of our holdings at any given time. Therefore, temporary exhibits are displayed each season in order to tell the abundance of heritage stories that abound in our area, and opportunities for viewing the museum's full collection are made available. Additionally, short-term exhibits by local artists and collectors are displayed annually. For both temporary and new long-term exhibits refer to the Calendar of Events.

General Store Exhibit

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